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Move Datewhen you are moving
Start Timewhen we will start
Time Slotwindow we will start
Estimated Hourshow long it may take
No of Trucksthe number of trucks
Crew Sizethe number of movers
Trip Chargegas, truck, time
Estimated Costestimated cost*
From Addressaddress we are moving you from
To Addressaddress we are moving you to

There may be additional stops, pick-ups, or drop-offs pertaining to your move which are not listed here.

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1. Billing Acknowledgement

By checking the following, you acknowledge that all estimates are based on the inventory supplied at the time of booking.

Final billing will be determined by the total time and materials required to complete your move.

Your planned inventory can be reviewed as an attachment to your confirmation email. Please notify us in the event of any changes.

Please note, oversized and specialty items such as pianos and safes exceeding 300 lbs will be subject to additional charges. Please notify us in the event you are planning on having such items moved.

You or a representative must be on-site during the move. If the move team arrives and your or your representative is not present, billing will begin at the scheduled start time.

Date changes and cancellations that occur with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a $150.00 fee.

I Agree 1.
2. Valuation Agreement

Your move is currently subject to basic move protection or standard coverage. This option covers your personal items at $1.20 per lb in the event of damage or loss. For example, if a 10 lb lamp were lost or damaged, you would be eligible to recover $12.00 (10 x $1.20 = $12.00).

To ensure satisfactory protection, it is strongly recommended customers invest in supplemental valuation coverage or Optimal Plus. This increases your coverage to $3.00 per lb for household goods and $15.00 per lb for electronics. Standard coverage is free and comes with every move. Optimal Coverage costs $80.00 per truck.

I, (customeragree to transport any high-value items or property. Cash, legal documents, collectibles, jewelry, items with a high monetary value or which are irreplaceable.

Flooring is protected up to $250.00 per residence in which damage has occurred.

Please note, we cannot reimburse on the basis of sentimental value. Certain items are exempt from basic coverage, including; marble, granite, stone, particle board, and self-packed boxes.

I Agree 2.
3. Transit Limitations

Any motorized lawn or yard equipment must be drained of fuel prior to our handling.

In accordance with state law, there are certain items we cannot transit. This includes flammables, gasoline, paint thinner, bottled gases, ammunition, explosives, corrosives, and miscellaneous cleaning fluids.

We are not able to transport firewood due to DNR regulations.

Please unload all firearms before transport and the customer agrees to transport the ammunition personally.

I agree 3.
4. Health Hazard Disclosure

By checking the following, you acknowledge that Matt’s Moving reserves the right to decline service in the event health hazards are identified.

Physical hazards such as broken/missing flooring, structural compromise, bug infestations, presence of mold or other biological matter, will result in termination of the move upon identification. Customers will not be eligible for reimbursement of time lost.

In the instance that trucks become contaminated Matt's moving will charge a minimum of $500/truck / decontamination or cleaning.

I Agree 4.
5. Post Service Concerns

Matt’s Moving is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. In the event of service concerns, Matt’s Moving will initiate a claim and work with you to achieve a satisfactory resolution. Reimbursement for damage or loss will be handled per the selected insurance agreement. Please review your selected plan to ensure satisfactory coverage.

Please note the full balance of your move is due in full before claims will be evaluated. Claims regarding damage will require photo validation of the piece in question.

Certain items are exempt from valuation coverage, including; marble, granite, stone, particle board, mattresses moved without covers, lamp shades and bulbs, and self-packed boxes.

I Agree 5.