Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Policies

Corona Virus Response Policies

To our valued customers, Matt’s Moving is doing everything in our power to combat the spread of Influenza and the Covid-19 commonly known as Corona Virus.

State Lawmakers have issued Exectutive Order 20-20 “Stay-At-Home”. What does this mean if you are moving? As per the mandate providing shelter and relocation services during this time has been considered an essential service. In other words, YES you can still move at this time. You can also hire a moving company to perform those services. If you leave the house for reasons not related to moving you may be subject to a fine or jail time.

At this point we have had 0 reported cases of Corona Virus with any of our Office Staff, Movers, or Customers.

If you have a move booked and come into contact with someone or are diagnosed with Corona Virus, please contact us ASAP.

Below are some of the steps we are taking to reduce the spread and eliminate contamination.

  • -We are offering free reschedules for issues related to Covid-19 (Corona Virus).
  • -We are offering free cancellations for customers diagnosed with Corona Virus.
  • -If we must cancel a move due to Covid-19 (Corona Virus) we will provide customers as much notice as possible and do our best to reschedule the move at a time that is safe and convenient.
  • -We are sanitizing our trucks and equipment between moves.
  • -Sanitizing our Warehouse and Storage areas.
  • -We are limiting the use of Moving Blankets and sanitizing them between moves. We will still use these to protect your items but not as liberally as we have used them in the past.
  • -We advise customers to not use recycled boxes to pack their goods. Instead we offer Free Delivery on Boxes.
  • -We are asking movers to stay home if they are sick and sending them home if they are showing signs of symptoms.
  • -Movers are prohibited from coming to work if they have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or Influenza.
  • -At this time we are no longer offering the use of Free Wardrobe Boxes. To purchase these contact your sales rep.
  • -We will not take any used boxes from the job site.
  • -If a case of Covid-19 (Corona Virus) is discovered with anyone affiliated with Matt’s Moving we will do our best to inform anyone who has come in contact with that individual (with respect to their privacy).
  • -We sell a variety of low cost clean boxes and we offer Free Box Delivery (orders over $250)
  • -We offer short term Storage Options if you have difficulties getting access to your new building or have conflicting closing dates.
  • -We advise customers to use social distancing during the move, this means try to keep a 6ft distance from movers except when necessary.
  • -If required to wear masks please be advised that move times may take longer due to additional breaks. This is for the safety of our movers.

We ask all customers to sanitize their items and their homes before and after the move. Wash all your cloths and dishes before packing them. Sanitize items as you unpack. Dispose of your boxes immediatly after unpacking them.


We want to assure the public we are taking this pandemic seriously and doing everything we can to keep our Office Staff, Movers, and Customers safe and healthy.

Safer, Cleaner, Still Affordable

-Matts Moving

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