What type of move protection does Matt’s Moving offer?
We offer two types of coverage and we are different on our basic protection than other moving companies.
  • Basic Protection As a result of superior service levels, and our low rate of claims, Matt’s Moving offers TWICE the state-mandated minimum at no extra cost to you. This option covers your belongings up to $1.20 per lb. For example, if a 10 lb lamp were damaged or lost while moving, you would be eligible for a $12.00 reimbursement ($1.20 x 10 = $12.00). Typical moving companies give .60 per pound. Not Matt’s Moving, we’ve got you covered.
  • Optimal Plus Protection For an additional $80.00, our enhanced coverage can ensure ultimate peace of mind, covering household items up to $3.00 per lb and electronics up to $15.00 per lb, up to 100 lbs. This option is highly recommended to ensure satisfactory protection of your belongings. See below for a breakdown of this coverage.
What our protection does not cover:
  • Damages that occurred from customer packing (Example an over packed box of incorrectly packed plates or glassware)
  • Irreplaceable items the customer should take with them. Examples, Cash, Coins, Important Documents, etc.
  • Electronic damaged by packing unless we packed the item or a mover damaged the items.
What’s in my estimate from Matt’s Moving?

Q:  What type of move protection does Matt’s Moving offer?

Your estimate accounts for (# of movers) and (# of trucks) at an hourly rate of (hourly rate). Estimates are site-unseen and based on the inventory supplied at the time of scheduling. Final billing will be determined by the total time required to complete your move.  When our crew arrives, they will assess the scope of work and discuss any factors that may cause estimate fluctuations. We reserve the right to send additional personnel and/or equipment to ensure the timely completion of your move and our ability to maintain scheduled commitments that day.  Please note you or a representative must be on-site during the move. If the move team arrives and you or your representative is not present, billing will begin at the scheduled start time.

What’s in my estimate from Matt’s Moving?

Q:  How does billing work or charges start/end?

We charge a trip charge on local moves to cover our truck upkeep and fuel and an hourly on long-distance moves. If another company tells you they do not charge a Trip Charge, then they have renamed that charge as something else, but we can promise you it’s still there. All of out moves are based on time. So the time starts when reach the origin and when we leave the destination. This includes clean up of the truck to bring it back to the standard of when we arrived.

Can Matt’s Moving Pack all of my belongings?
Yes, we offer full-service moving solutions and professional pack and unpacking services. We can pack and unpack it all so you don’t have to touch a thing, only pack it or unpack it or anywhere in between.
Does Matt’s Moving require a deposit?
Yes, we require a deposit of a minimmum of 2 hrs + Trip Charge. We pull deposits generally 36 hrs prior to the move depending on Holidays and volume. Summer time deposits may be pulled a week in advance.
How far in advance should I book my move with Matt’s Moving?
This is a personal decision but a word of advice, the sooner the better. Some customers book their move in advance because they understand waiting until the last minute or the end of the month can make getting a mover complicated. Especially in the summer when everyone moves, volume can effect the availability of getting a move crew. Many companies are simply out of resources in the summer.
What payment options does Matt’s Moving accept?
We accept cash, and most credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). All deposits are pulled 36hrs prior to the move. If it’s a commercial move or commercial relocation we will accept a corporate check, but we do not accept personal checks.
What can I not use Matt’s Moving Service for?
In accordance with state law, there are certain items we cannot transit. This includes flammables, gasoline, paint thinner, bottled gases, ammunition, explosives, corrosives, and miscellaneous cleaning fluids. Any motorized lawn or yard equipment must be drained of fluids prior to our handling.
What can I do if I have Post Service Concerns?
Matt’s Moving is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. In the event of service concerns, Matt’s Moving will initiate a claim and work with you to achieve a satisfactory resolution.
When will my move crew arrive?
Teams will arrive within 20 minutes of the morning start time. Afternoon moves are subject to arrival windows, meaning teams may arrive at any time within the stated window.