It’s Spring in Minneapolis, Time To Get Moving

Although there is a snow emergency posted until April 1st for the City of Minneapolis. Its residents are getting ready for moving season. Soon they’ll be searching for packing supplies to help them relocate to a new home. Hopefully, they can avoid all the potholes and get all of the boxes, packing paper, and tape they need to complete the job.

Hiring a moving company in Minneapolis should be as easy as parking. Have you checked out the parking app for the City of Minneapolis? It’s my favorite addition the city has ever made. Sure, there are plenty of parks and lakes, Uptown is still a great place to visit, but that City of Minneapolis parking app is so easy to use that it makes me jittery. Just as getting a free moving service quote with Matt’s Moving. Just give us a call at 612-216-2665 and we’ll get you an estimate on your next move.

What are some of the things to look out for when moving in Minneapolis? Well, if you’re going to do it yourself make sure you have a plan. If you are going to hire a moving company make sure to book in advance. Every year, moving companies in Minneapolis have to turn customers away, especially at the beginning and end of the month. Summertime moving and booking a moving company can be a challenge. So always be ahead of the game.

Movers are also getting ready, they’re making sure the moving equipment is stocked, clean, and that the moving trucks are in top performance. We have 24 trucks ready to serve customers in the Twin Cities. We’ll be avoiding the potholes too.

Roughly 35.5 Million American move each year. With that in mind, we take the population of Minnesota, which broke a 15-year record by the way. Around 100,000 people move to Minnesota each year. The national average is that 11% of the US population will move this year. With the current population of 5.61 million people living in our wonderful state, that means 616,000 people will move. 23% of those will hire a professional moving company. Which means 141,680 people will hire a moving company this year in Minnesota. With only 3-4 top moving companies in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, securing a moving company for your move day is becoming harder and harder, so don’t wait.

Today, it is supposed to be 67 degrees. The first above 60 day we’ve had in five months. I’m honestly not sure if we should put away the shovel yet. But as the snow melts I feel more comfortable every day. To our customers and Minneapolis in general. Happy Moving Season. We wish your relocation efforts to be joyful.

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