Moving Cost Checklist

Creating a Moving Cost Checklist

Moving can be an expensive process, so it’s necessary to create a moving budget to avoid financial surprises. A well-planned moving budget helps to determine and track all the costs associated with the move, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your expenses. For an effective moving budget, you need to keep in mind:

By documenting your expenses, you can identify areas where you can save money and prevent overspending.

1. Cleaning Service Costs

Cleaning service costs can fluctuate depending on several factors. The size of the area to be cleaned, the required level of cleanliness, and the frequency of cleaning all contribute to determining the cost of cleaning services.

For standard residential cleaning services, the average cost ranges from $25 to $50 per hour, which may vary based on location; urban areas tend to have higher costs compared to rural areas.

Deep cleaning services, involving more thorough and time-consuming tasks, can cost more, ranging from $60 to $400. [1]

In the case of commercial cleaning services, small office spaces might cost as little as $120 per month for basic cleaning services, while larger offices or buildings may cost thousands of dollars per month for daily cleaning.

The type of cleaning products and equipment used is another factor influencing the cost of cleaning services. This includes the use of eco-friendly, green cleaning products and equipment.

Cleaning Service Costs

2. Fragile and Bulky Items Moving Costs

Moving can be a stressful and expensive process, especially when it comes to transporting fragile or bulky items. Fragile items such as glassware, artwork, or antiques require additional packing materials to ensure they arrive at their destination in one piece.

Bulky items like furniture, appliances, or large electronics can also pose a challenge due to their size and weight. When it comes to moving fragile and bulky items, renting dollies or hiring movers to assist may increase the cost of the move. 

Fragile and delicate items may necessitate special packaging materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or custom crates to ensure they are protected during transit. There are ways to reduce the cost of this type of packing material such as using towels to further secure fragile items. 

Bulky items may require additional manpower or equipment to safely load and unload them from the moving truck. 

3. Moving Insurance Costs

One cost that many people overlook is moving insurance. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, having insurance for your move can provide important financial protection in case anything goes wrong.

The cost of moving insurance can vary depending on a few factors. The first factor is the type of coverage you choose. There are several types of moving insurance, including:

Basic coverage is typically included in the cost of hiring a moving company and provides minimal protection for your belongings. Full-value protection, on the other hand, provides more comprehensive coverage for your items, but it comes at a higher cost. [2]

Third-party insurance is a separate policy that you can purchase from an insurance provider, and the cost will depend on the amount of coverage you choose. Another factor that can impact the cost of moving insurance is the value of your belongings. The more valuable your items are, the more it will cost to insure them.

Movers typically offer coverage based on the weight of your belongings, so if you have heavy items, your insurance costs may be higher. The distance of your move can impact the cost of insurance. If you’re moving long-distance, the risk of damage or loss of your items is higher, which can lead to higher insurance costs.

Moving Insurance Costs

4. Moving Supplies Costs

Moving can be an exciting time, but it can also be quite expensive. One of the often overlooked expenses of moving is the cost of moving supplies.

From boxes to tape to packing materials, the cost of getting everything needed to safely move belongings can add up quickly. One of the biggest expenses when it comes to moving supplies is boxes.

Whether new boxes are purchased from a moving supply store or used boxes are obtained from a grocery or liquor store, the cost of boxes can quickly eat into the moving budget.

Specialty boxes for items such as wardrobes or dishware can add even more to the overall cost. Beyond boxes, packing tape is another necessary expense when moving. While it may seem like a small cost, when the number of tape rolls needed to secure all the boxes is added up, it can become expensive.

Other supplies such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and furniture blankets can also add to the overall cost of moving.

5. Moving Truck Rental Costs

Moving truck rental costs can vary greatly from one another depending on various factors, including the size of the truck, the distance of the move, the duration of the rental, and the time of year.

The size of the truck will influence the cost of the rental, with smaller trucks like 10-foot or 12-foot ones being less expensive than larger trucks such as 26-footers.

Also, some companies charge flat rates for local moves, and others base charges on distance traveled.

For long-distance moves, costs may be affected by fuel charges and mileage fees. Finally, the length of the rental, whether it’s daily or weekly, is another aspect to consider.

6. Professional Movers Costs

When planning to relocate, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is whether to hire professional movers or handle the move yourself.

Professional movers can make the process significantly easier and less stressful, but they also come with a cost. So, how much should a person expect to pay for professional movers?

You can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand for professional moving services. Local moves are typically less expensive than long-distance moves, as the distance traveled and the amount of time required to complete the move are usually much less.

Professional Movers Costs

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[1] Gerhardt, N. (2023, March 21). How Much Does It Cost To Hire A House Cleaner? Forbes Home.

[2] Farney, B. (2022, November 1). 12 Common Moving Expenses You’ll Need To Consider. Forbes Home.


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