Additional (Accessorial) Services
Services such as packing, appliance servicing, unpacking or stair carriers that are needed due to either your request or building regulations that may result in additional charges.

ACV Actual Cash Value
Money equal to the cost of replacing lost, stolen or damaged property after depreciation. A method of determining the worth of an improvement.

Actual Charges
This is the total charges of the move from start to finish.

Revisions made and attached to a sales contract that are referenced in the contract and signed by both the buyer and seller.

Appliance Dolly
Supplied by self-service movers to load and unload heavy appliances.

Accessed Value Coverage
This specifies the money per 1,000 of accessed value you will need to pay o cover household items to their fully accessed value.


BOL Bill of Lading
This is a number all moving companies assign to a customer. You should keep this number handy if you ever need to track or refer to your order and the move.


This is the mover who is working for you.

Cost of Move

This addresses how much the specific move will cost based on the information provided by the customer. This does not include extra charges such as insurance or adjustments made when the evaluation changes. Matt’s Movers does it’s best during the initial interview to gather as much information as possible in your quote but sometimes things are missed or omitted. Flights of Stairs, actual distance from the truck to the property can affect the final bill.





Full Replacement Value Coverage

This is coverage that






Movers are required by law to obtain and keep current the necessary certifications and licenses to transport goods within or between states. The license numbers shown are used to identify the status of the mover’s operating authority and insurance coverage. Individual states may require additional license information based on the type of move performed.

Local Move
A local move refers to any move within a 100 mile of the same state. This type of move is regulated by the state’s Department of Transporation and is based on hourly rates.


Moving Company
A moving company is a business that provides services to consumers to assist, manage and transport their belongings.


Order for Service
The authorization document allowing movers to move your goods.

Order Number (see Bill of Lading or BOL#)
This number is used to track and identify your shipment.


Packing Service
Full-Service moving companies provide customers with the option of a full-service pack and transport move. They pack the goods before the move and unpack your belongings at the destination.

Peak Season Rates
A premium rate that is charged when moving services is in the highest demand.

R&R “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move
A document prepared by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) to inform consumers of their rights and responsibilities as a shipper of  household goods. You can find this document here.


Standard Coverage

Standard coverage is the lowest form of protection on moving your goods. It is based on 60 cents per pound and if you feel that is not enough we have other insurance plans available including Full Value Coverage and Expanded Value Coverage. Most of our customers stick with the standard insurance coverage but if you believe your belongings are worth more than that  we offer other solutions for your protection.

Storage-In-Transit “SIT”
SIT – refers to the temporary warehousing of your goods.