Moving Senior Citizens

Moving senior citizens is a task that requires extra patience, consideration—and plenty of extra care. We know that moving senior citizens’ furniture, personal items and other property requires a certain attention to detail to help ensure their peace of mind as their precious items are moved to a new place. Our motto with moving senior citizens is to go the extra mile to make the entire process as easy and smooth as possible. This includes spending extra time making sure that all of their belongings are secure on our trucks, spending extra time to take care of their items as we transport them, making sure we have extra consideration for precious antiques—and even offering a senior discount.

Why Moving Senior Citizens Requires Extra Care

As a moving company, we know that no two moving jobs are exactly alike. Every job we do requires our attention, but we know that moving senior citizens requires a certain amount of extra care than standard moving jobs.

Senior citizens’ property and furniture has often been with them for decades, and we know that this level of importance means that missing items and damaged items are simply not acceptable. That is why we take extra care with moving senior citizens’ items to ensure that nothing is lost or broken along the way.

Senior citizens are also much more likely to have antiques. Moving antiques requires a high level of professionalism, patience and plenty of special care. Our professional team knows how to properly load, transport and unload antiques to ensure that they are not affected at all by the move to a new location.

Our Senior Discount

Senior citizens are on a limited income, and we recognize that this limited income means they don’t have as much money to spend on services as other clients. That is why we provide a senior discount to our senior citizen clients, so that we can help take some of that financial burden off their shoulders. With our senior discount, senior clients will be able to use our services without having to worry about the additional cost.

Our Extra Care and Attention

The extra care and attention we pay our senior citizen clients extends from the moment we make contact all the way through the final unloading of their belongings at their new home. We strive to provide the utmost in professional, compassionate and considerate service to all of our clients—and we always add a little extra attention and care for senior citizens who are in need of more consideration than others.

If you or a senior citizen that you know is in need of professional moving services, we are more than happy to provide caring, compassionate and above all, professional moving services for seniors; our senior discounts will help senior citizens afford our services while easing their financial burden.

Be sure to contact us today with any questions you may have about our senior moving services. We are more than happy to answer your inquiries!

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