piano-movers-minneapolisPiano Movers

Our movers know just how delicate and loved these precious instruments are and take the time and care needed to move such an instrument.

Whether you need to move an upright piano, a spinet piano, a baby grand or even a church organ our professional movers can handle the job.

Gun Safe Movers MinnesotaGun Safes

Specialty items can be tricky to moving, and planning ahead is necessary even if it’s just across the street. Moving a gun safe can be even trickier as they tend to be bulkier and top heavy compared to a regular safe and weigh on average around 1,000 lbs.

Our professional gun safe movers can handle any job, big or small. Many moving companies are not equipped or prepared to move an item with this size and weight and it takes extra care to do the job properly. Matt’s Movers is the right choice to move your specialty item affordably.

Safe Movers Minneapolis - St. Paul MNSafes

Moving a safe can be a complex and dangerous process. As with any specialty move item being prepared is half the battle. Even if you’re moving a large and heavy item from one room to another you need a seasoned professional to get the job done.

As with Gun Safes and Safe Moves:

  • Remove everything from the safe before we arrive on moving day.
    • While moving your safe or gun safe we may need to tilt the safe during transportation.
    • We are not legally able to move weaponry or firearms even if it’s a really old musket.
    • Moving the valuables yourself will make sure they will not get damaged during your move.
  • If the safe is bolted to the floor or the wall we need access to the ablots
  • Clear a path large enough to fit through
  • If it is an in-house move, (one location to another) make sure there is a backup location just in case.
  • Measure the doorways and the walk are if we have not completed a walk through, we want to make sure it all will fit.
  • Always let us know if stairs are involved.