Spring Means Moving – Book Ahead

In Minneapolis and the Twin Cities, Spring has sprung meaning it’s beginning to look a lot like Moving Season. With the way things are shaping up. It’s going to be a high demand moving season for the industry. What does this mean to those looking to move?1. Book your movers well in advance during peak moving season. We believe this moving season will leave consumers with little options to choose from come mid June 2018. We don’t want to turn customers away but unfortunately many moving companies due come summer time.

2. Get boxes now and keep them dry for your spring move. We suggest using Home Depot for moving boxes.

3. Plan on moving school records for children and enrolling them early for their new schools in your area.

4. Board any pets during your move. You want your pet to be out of the way and safe so they can adjust better to their new home.

5. Keep a supply box handy. Keep cleaning supplies at the ready so you can access them easily when you get to your new home.

6. Stay hydrated. Even moving in the spring can cause heat exhaustion. The added stress of a move can aid in forgetting about your health. So drink plenty of h20.

7. Get a free, no-obligation, quote on your next move with Matt’s Moving.

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