Tis the Season for a Mover

Let’s face it! Moving in the winter is like riding a bicycle in January. It’s not an easy task with the cold, the slush, the cold, the snow, the cold… did we mention the cold?

tis the season for a moverThat’s why Matt’s Moving excels at the winter move. We’ve had over a decade of experience in dealing with all the the climate challenges Minnesota can throw at us and we always come out on top.

Winter Tips

  1. Hire a Professional Moving Company Rougher conditions require skilled professionals this time of year. It may be the season to be jolly but let’s face it, winter movers cost the same as summer movers so in many ways it makes more sense to hire professionals for the hard parts of the season.
  2. Clear the Way With winter comes obstacles, not only those in the way but under our feet. Make sure to shovel and salt the pathways and driveway.
  3. Watch the Weather Changing temperatures and snow emergencies can happen quickly. Be sure to know what the weather may be like ahead of time so you can be prepared to work around it.
  4. Don’t Pack the Winter Supplies Even though you are moving plan ahead. It’s good idea to keep the winter supplies separate and available for your move. You never know when you may need a shovel, ice scrapper or salt.
  5. Board Your Pets Make sure your pets are safe and secure during this time of year. With the challenges of moving in the winter it is very easy for them to become tangled up under the feet of you or your movers.
  6. Dress in Layers Weather can change quickly especially when it approaches night time. Temperatures, even on a nice day; can change drastically in the winter. Avoid exposure and dress for warmth.


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