Top Solutions for The Most Common Moving Problems

Moving is an exciting yet stressful event that most of us will experience at some point in time. Finding a new spot to move to is a challenge in itself, but the process of moving can easily drive you to madness if you’re not prepared. There is always a common predicament that comes up every time someone moves. Here are the top three solutions to some of the most common moving problems.

You Waited Too Late to Pack

One of the most common problems people have with moving is that they start packing way too late. If it’s a moving day and you still have clothes in your closets and dishes in your cabinets, you are not fully prepared. When you scramble to pack, you will likely toss random things in boxes without any organizational strategy. This can make for a stressful unpacking.

The solution to this is to start packing weeks in advance of moving. Gather up any items that are not necessary to you at the moment and begin organizing your boss. Label each box clearly so you know where your belongings are.

You Don’t Know Where Your Things Go in Your New House

IF you don’t have a system in place for where your packed-up boxes go, your stuff will be scattered throughout your new home. You should avoid telling your movers to just place boxes wherever there is room, as this will cause a massive headache when sorting out your belongings.

Make sure you have at least one person directing where boxes go. Movers will know to put kitchen stuff in the kitchen, but if you have multiple bedrooms for children or guests, you will have to inform them where those rooms are so they can put the appropriate boxes in them.

You Didn’t Pack Up Your Essentials in a Different Box

The last thing you want to do after a long day of moving is to sort through all of your boxes to find your toothbrush or phone charger. Make sure you have a separate bag or box of your essentials so that you don’t end up digging through multiple boxes just to find what you need at that moment.

Think of it like you’re packing for a vacation. You should have a separate bag for your clothes to wear and any essential toiletries.

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