Why you SHOULD Move in the Winter!

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You might be asking yourself, “Who would want to move in the winter? I don’t even like being outside in the cold, let alone moving heavy furniture all day.” And you’re not alone – winter moving is increasingly less common for this reason. However there are multiple hidden benefits starting from a greater chance of getting your dream property, to decreased rates from moving companies.

Here we outline a few pros and cons when it comes to winter moving. It isn’t an exhaustive list, but there are few things in each category to consider.


  • Less Competition in the Winter
    • You hear these horror stories all the time – “I had to bake cookies for the person I was buying from” or  “I wrote a lengthy, heart-felt letter to the person I bought from”. Sure, those are probably good things to do when looking to buy a particular home. However it seems much less likely you’ll need any additional effort when buying in the winter because, well, there just isn’t as much demand.
    • You’re most likely going to run into a dream home that has multiple offers – that’s a given, especially in today’s market. However there will most likely be fewer multiple offers given the time of the season. There are simply fewer people looking to move during the winter months.
  • Save $15,000
    • Since the market tends to drop in the winter companies get more competitive with their rates, houses a cheaper, interest rates go down, and its estimated that the average household can save over $15,000 in just cutting down closing costs and moving expenses.
  • No Sweaty 100 Degree Weather.
    • Moving in intense heat is much worse than moving in the cold. You can always put more layers on, but you can’t always take more off.
  • Great Savings for 1st Time Home Buyers
    • If you are are buying your first home and choose to buy during the winter you could save money if you find the right home. Since buying activity slows down in the winter people tend to get more interested in taking lower offers.
  • If you start now you might not actually move until spring.
    • Spring is also a good time to move because its when more people get started and end up moving over the summer.
  • More Morning Windows are Available.
    • Most of our moves are between 3-5 hours, what happens in the summer is we do 2 of these per day and if the morning move takes longer than expected, it could push the arrival window of the afternoon move. With winter moves we don’t stack as many moves per day, so Movers show up in the morning and work until the job is done.



  • The Elements
    • If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, Lets face it, the winter is cold. It’s a burden, but if you could SAVE up to $15,000 on closing costs and could consider hiring a moving company to do all the moving for you, and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Our guys are happy to have the work and come to work prepared to deal with any weather conditions.
  • Selling in a Buyers Markets
    • There is a myth that listing your home in the winter means it will have a lower value. The truth is you always set the price on selling your home and you can decide to take lower offers to sell faster or hold out for a better deal. The choice is always yours. Talk to a local realtor about the benefits of moving in the winter. If you don’t know one call us and we can refer you to a qualified realtor in your area.
  • Moving during the school year.
    • This is something that’s commonly overthought. Its just as much work to transfer schools during the school year and with distance learning and stay at home orders now isn’t a bad time to pick a different school.


We’ve only covered a couple pros and cons, but they’re important nonetheless. If you can weather the elements and afford to move out of a rental early, the benefits may outweigh the costs. Though if you’re in a position where you can’t leave your rental early, it may be wise to wait until you’re financially able to move – which may be during a more pleasant season.

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