Winter Moving Tips in the Twin Cities

Moving in Minneapolis in the Winter can be the most horrible and exhaustive experience anyone can have. With the temperatures this year it’s no wonder why more people are leaving there moves to professionals. At Matt’s Moving we move Minneapolis residents with ease. But here are some great tips on your move if you need to move in the winter.

1. Be careful not to pack food, cleaning supplies, especially liquids, as in these temperatures; for they may explode. It is best to pack these last and consider taking them with you in your own transportation.

2. Hire a professional. Renting a moving truck may seem like a great idea but driving one in the winter can be tough, best to leave it up to the professionals.

3. De-ice your driveway and sidewalks the night before your move. Most injuries occur “outside” when moving your home. Make sure the walkways are clear and dry.

4. Protect your move with extra insurance. Snow can cover your boxes then melt, causing them to be soaked and wet. Extreme temperatures can damage more items than you may think. As an example, plates and glasses can crack when they are exposed to firgid temperatures, and the last thing that you probably want is to arrive at your new home with a bunch of broken or otherwise damaged items.

5. Keep something warm to drink and bundle up with extra layers to avoid frostbite and to make the most of the worst situation. Coco and Hot Cider are great on the cold Minnesota days.

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