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Moving to Minneapolis or to St. Paul? We can help. Moving from Minneapolis or from St. Paul to the greater five state area? We can help. This includes moving to or from anywhere around the Twin Cities Metro or anywhere around the States of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, or Iowa. We’ll even do moves in Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, some parts of Colorado, and Nebraska. Just give us a Call. We’ll give you a free quote right over the phone. You’ll speak with a real person who wants to provide you with the best service possible. We do local and interstate moves all around the Twin Cities. We’re Matt’s Moving, and we know how to move.

We provide newer 26′ trucks, all moving blankets and equipment for a safe and efficient move. All of our movers have professional moving experience so we will out-shine the competition guaranteed!! Many satisfied realtors, small businesses, along with thousands of homeowners. See what all the talk is about and call Matt’s Moving today!

At Matt’s Moving we offer the following:

This is a huge misconception in the moving industry. Many people hear the hourly rate and think it is more cost effective to take the smaller crew size and beat the clock. Each man you add is cheaper by the hour, so as time adds up, having additional manpower will become more and more beneficial. Not only will it make your day shorter, and your final bill cheaper, but the guys will be more optimistic upon arrival. Something we always bring up to customers looking for a quote, is whatever crew size you are thinking of, add an extra guy. The average person does not fully understand how professional movers are trained to work together. It’s not like the college days where you and some friends just start grabbing some friends and start moving whatever you see. At Matt’s we have a process, and with additional man power we understand how to utilize them to make your move more efficient.

Free use of wardrobe boxes, shrink wrap, tape, and equipment is also available!

Matt’s Moving is a full-service, licensed, bonded, and insured company.