After The Move

What to do once you are moved in

What do after The move

The movers are leaving and you are in your new home. What’s the first thing you should do? You can start by unpacking the essentials first. Get the beds set up and make sure everyone has a place to sleep. Then you can focus on setting up the kitchen and getting some food in the house. After that, you can start unpacking everything else and getting settled into your new home.

If you have young children, it may be best to get them settled first and then worry about the rest of the house. Get them unpacked, get their beds set up, and make sure they have everything they need. Once they are squared away, you can focus on the rest of the house.

If you have pets, you will want to get them settled in as well. Get their food and water set up, their beds in place, and make sure they have a safe place to go to the bathroom. Once they are settled, you can focus on the rest of the house.

Once you have unpacked the essentials and gotten everyone and everything settled, you can start unpacking everything else. Take your time and unpack a little bit each day. Eventually, you will get everything unpacked and your new home will start to feel like home.

If you need help getting unpacked and settled into your new home, we actually offer full service moving plans to help you get unpacked.

Post Move Concerns

If you have any post move concerns you can contact us through our post move concern form. This is a direct line to our moving specialists and will be answered as quickly as possible.

Post move concerns can be anything.

Post Move Concerns

The other things you can do now that you have moved in is start to get rid of things or de-clutter your new place. You can go through your things and decide what you want to keep, what you want to get rid of, and what you want to donate or sell. This is a great way to start fresh in your new home.

You can also start personalizing your space and making it your own. Hang up some pictures, put out some plants, and make your new home feel like home.

If you have any questions about moving or need help getting unpacked and settled into your new home, please contact us. We are always happy to help!

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