Tips for Moving When You’re Pregnant

How to Move When Pregnant

Are you expecting and relocating?

Here are some useful tips for moving while pregnant.

1. Schedule a moving timeline being mindful of your due date

2. Pack a separate essentials bag for the hospital

3. Things to remember when moving while pregnant

4. Give yourself plenty of time to pack

5. Let others move the heavy furniture

6. Hire a cleaning company

1. Develop a Timeline Based on Your Due Date

With all the physical and emotional changes happening during this time, plan and create a moving timeline that takes into account your due date. The best time to move during pregnancy is typically during the second trimester, which is between weeks 14 and 27. Here are some tips to help you create a moving timeline that will work with your due date:

Develop a Timeline Based on Your Due Date

2. Have an Essentials Bag for The Hospital 

The first item that should find its way into your essentials bag is your medical records. Gather all your prenatal files, including ultrasound reports, blood test results, and the contact information of your healthcare provider. This way, you’ll have all the necessary information at hand for the medical staff throughout your stay. [2]

Remember to pack comfortable clothing. Considering the discomforts of pregnancy, opt for loose-fitting, breathable garments that won’t put pressure on your growing belly. Bring a couple of nursing bras as well, as these will provide comfort and convenience once you start breastfeeding. Don’t forget to pack a comfortable robe or cardigan for when visitors come to greet you and your newborn.

Toiletries are another essential item to include in your hospital essentials bag. Bringing your own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste will help you feel more at home during your stay. If you have specific skincare products or cosmetics that you use daily, don’t leave them out either. Pack a few pairs of maternity underwear and some sanitary pads, as these will be needed post-delivery.

Include a few baby outfits, onesies, socks, and hats, making sure they’re made from soft, hypoallergenic fabric. Don’t forget to pack receiving blankets and swaddles to keep your baby cozy. If you plan on breastfeeding, having a nursing pillow to support you and your baby during feeding sessions is highly recommended.

3. Remember These Things When Moving While Pregnant

Here are some things to remember when moving while pregnant.

pregnant woman packing

4. Have Plenty of Time to Pack 

Moving takes longer than you might think, and pregnancy can bring unexpected fatigue and discomfort. Begin the packing process at least a couple of months before your anticipated move date. This will allow you to work at a pace that is comfortable for you, taking frequent breaks as needed.

Prioritize packing items that you don’t use regularly, such as seasonal clothing, decorations, or books. These non-essential items can be packed earlier, reducing the stress and pressure of last-minute packing.

Utilize efficient packing strategies to save time and energy. Label each box with the room it belongs to and a brief description of its contents. This will make unpacking and organizing your new home a breeze. 

It may be beneficial to consider hiring a professional moving company for packing and unpacking when pregnant to alleviate stress.

Prioritize your well-being by practicing self-care activities that help you relax and unwind. Whether it’s taking a warm bath, going for gentle walks, or indulging in some prenatal yoga, make sure to carve out time for yourself amidst the chaos of moving.

5. Allow Others to Move the Heavy Furniture.

Moving heavy furniture not only puts unnecessary strain on your body but can also pose risks to both you and your baby. 

You should avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous physical activity during this time, as it can lead to complications or injuries. Rely on the support of your partner, family members, friends, or professional movers to handle these tasks for you.

6. Consider Hiring a Cleaning Company.

Amidst the physical and hormonal changes, the idea of packing up your belongings, organizing logistics, and cleaning can seem overwhelming. That’s where hiring a cleaning company can be a lifesaver.

Hormonal changes can cause fatigue, nausea, and even shortness of breath. The growing belly and weight gain can restrict your movements and make it almost impossible to reach certain areas. This is when relying on professional cleaning services can alleviate stress and save you from unnecessary exertion.

Cleaning involves the use of various chemicals and cleaning agents that could potentially harm you and your baby. Exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals like bleach and ammonia may lead to respiratory issues and skin irritations. 

Hiring professionals to handle the cleaning tasks allows you to conserve your energy and invest it in more essential aspects like self-care and preparing for the arrival of your little one. 

Consider Hiring a Cleaning Company

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Yes, inform your healthcare provider about your plans to move during pregnancy. They are the best resource for ensuring the safety and well-being of both you and your baby. By sharing your moving plans with your healthcare provider, they can offer specific advice based on your individual circumstances and any potential risks associated with the move. They may provide recommendations for managing physical exertion, lifting heavy objects, and precautions to take during the moving process. 

The best time to move during pregnancy is typically during the second trimester, which is between weeks 14 and 27. During this time, most women experience a decrease in morning sickness and fatigue compared to the first trimester. The risk of complications, such as preterm labor, is also lower compared to the third trimester. Every pregnancy is unique, consult with your healthcare provider to determine the best timing for your move based on your specific circumstances and any underlying health conditions. They can provide personalized advice and guidance to ensure a safe and smooth transition during this important time.


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