How to Keep Your Move Organized

Moving is a stressful time for everyone involved. It can seem overwhelming with so much to do and keep track of. But don’t worry; with the proper preparation and organization, you can make your move a smooth and efficient process.

Benefits of Staying Organized During a Move

An organized move will save time, reduce stress, and ensure that all your belongings make it to the new destination in one piece.

Making lists of items you need to pack, labeling boxes with their contents, and inventorying what you’re moving are all important steps in staying organized.

Preparing plenty of time before the move date will allow you to get rid of unwanted items by donating them or selling them online.

Benefits of Staying Organized During a Move


Creating a timeline for your move can be an incredibly effective tool for keeping track of numerous tasks and events that occur throughout the process. Using digital tools like a timeline maker to create graphical timelines for tracking progress throughout the move process.

Timelines allow you to visually see the sequence of events, deadlines, and other important dates related to your move. They can also be used to create reminders and set goals, helping keep everyone organized leading up to the big day.

No matter what type of timeline you choose, whether it’s interactive with pictures or a more traditional graphical timeline, having this resource at hand will help ensure that all tasks are completed in plenty of time before the move itself begins. With careful planning and a detailed timeline, you will be ready for anything.

Creating an interactive timeline can help visualize tasks that need to be done and assist in creating a sequence of events leading up to the actual move date. This timeline should include the following:


Checklists are an invaluable tool for staying organized during a move. They allow you to quickly and easily keep track of items that need to be packed, making sure nothing is forgotten. A packing checklist should include all the loose items in the home, such as:


When creating checklists for your move, make sure also to include steps for setting up in your new home, such as changing your address on Google Maps and updating your city on social media accounts.

Consider hiring a reputable moving company like Matt’s Moving if moving becomes too overwhelming or if special assistance is needed with large furniture pieces. By keeping detailed checklists throughout the process, you can ensure that everything goes according to plan.

By following these tips and creating detailed checklists, you can make sure your move is stress-free and successful.

What to Pack/What Not to Pack

Before you start packing for your move, ensure that you are only packing the necessary items. When creating a checklist of what to pack, include all the loose items in your home, like electronics, kitchen utensils, and books.

Fragile items such as light bulbs should also be included on this list. If there are any personal items or sentimental belongings that should not be packed away, these should also be added to the list.

On the flip side, certain items should not be packed when moving. These include any unwanted or unnecessary items like old clothes or toys that can be donated or thrown away rather than moved.

Contact all relevant utility companies ahead of time so they can provide information on how to transfer services over during the move.

Following these tips and adhering to a specific checklist of what to pack and what not to pack for your move will help ensure everything goes according to plan.

Documents and Records

It is essential to keep track of all necessary documents and records when moving. Before the move, take some time to gather important documents such as:

Documents and Records

Make sure that any medical records and school transcripts are also included in this list.

When packing these items, be mindful of their fragility and store them safely in a designated folder or box with plenty of cushioning material. Consider making copies of all these items to have them on hand if needed during the move.

Ensure all your contact information is updated with each document, including your address and other relevant details.

Preparing Your Home for the Move

Preparing your home for a move can be an overwhelming task. However, with the right preparation and organization, you can make sure everything goes smoothly. Create a checklist of items that need to be packed and sorted by category, such as:

Preparing Your Home for the Move​

Last Steps

Moving to a new home can be exciting and stressful, but once you’ve packed everything and are ready to move out, there are still some important last steps to take.

One of the most critical last steps is double-checking that you’ve packed everything and that all boxes are labeled and organized for easy loading and unloading.

Double-check that you have informed your utility companies of your upcoming move so they can disconnect your services on your move-out date and transfer them to your new address.

In addition, if you’ve hired a moving company, re-confirm the details with them, such as timing and loading instructions. Make your last step an easy one by hiring a professional moving company like Matt’s Moving Services, which serves Minnesota and Wisconsin.

They offer a full range of moving services, from packing to loading and unloading, to make your move as easy and smooth as possible. With their competitive prices and experienced staff, you can trust Matt’s Moving Services to handle your move with the utmost care and professionalism. Contact them today to schedule your move.


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