The Pros and Cons of Moving Company Reviews

What to Know Before You Move

If you’re planning on moving, you’ll likely want to do some research before choosing a full-service moving company. Online reviews can be a helpful tool, but it’s important to understand both the benefits and potential drawbacks of relying on them. On one hand, customer reviews can provide valuable insights into a company’s:

It’s also important to take moving company reviews with a grain of salt, as they can be biased, fake, or influenced by factors outside of the company’s control. Before making any decisions based on online reviews, it’s important to know what to look for and how to evaluate them properly.

What to Know Before You Move

Benefits of Reading Moving Company Reviews

When it comes to selecting a reliable moving company for your move, the process can be complicated and time-consuming.

Most people want to hire a professional moving company that offers quality services, competitive pricing, and reliable customer support.

But how can you ensure you are dealing with a reputable full-service mover? That’s where online reviews of moving companies can be invaluable.

Reading moving company reviews offers a wealth of advantages for customers searching for a moving company. One of the primary benefits of reading online reviews is that they provide you with opinions from people who have previously used the service.

This means that you get an assessment of the quality of service, the professionalism of the movers, and their pricing structure.

Benefits of Reading Online Reviews

Another advantage of reading online reviews of moving companies is that they give you insight into the company’s customer service.

Professionalism is a critical factor to consider when choosing a moving company. Online reviews can give you an idea of the kind of professionals the company employs.

You want to make sure that the company you hire has a team of qualified and experienced movers who can guarantee the safe handling of your items during the move.

Pricing is also an essential factor when choosing a reliable moving company. Reading online reviews can help you compare the pricing structure of different moving companies to determine the average cost for the services you need. 

You can also assess any additional costs or fees that may arise and avoid the trap of getting scammed by unprofessional movers who charge exorbitant prices or con buyers into unnecessary services. When on a tight budget, it pays to look out for those who might take advantage.

Online reviews can help you avoid scammers posing as professional movers. The internet is full of fake moving companies that make empty promises only to take off with your belongings. If unsure about a company, it is always wise to check the Better Business Bureau.

Reading reviews can help you discern actual movers from frauds so you can make a wise choice regarding the company you choose.

Potential Disadvantages of Online Reviews

While online reviews can be incredibly helpful when searching for the right moving company, it’s important to acknowledge some of their potential disadvantages. One major drawback of online reviews is that they can sometimes be biased, fake or misleading.

It can be challenging to determine which potential movers are trustworthy and which ones are not, especially when companies may pay for positive reviews, and some even post fake bad reviews about their competitors.

Even legitimate reviews can be influenced by customer expectations. Moving can be a stressful and challenging experience, and sometimes negative reviews may stem from unrealistic expectations on the part of the customer rather than any actual failure on the part of the moving company.

By taking a balanced approach to reading reviews, customers can gain valuable insights into the professionalism, pricing, and customer service provided by different movers.

Potential Disadvantages of Online Reviews

Negative Reviews May Not Reflect the Overall Service Offered

In the digital era, online moving company reviews hold significant sway in shaping how businesses are perceived. Bear in mind that negative reviews may not always paint an accurate picture of a moving company’s overall service.

While it can be disheartening to come across negative feedback, it’s important to consider multiple factors and not base evaluations solely on one review. Customer experiences can vastly differ, and dissatisfaction can sometimes arise from isolated incidents or personal preferences rather than reflecting the moving company’s overall service quality.

By paying attention to the company’s response to negative reviews, you can gauge their level of professionalism, accountability, and commitment to resolving customer issues. A prompt and satisfactory response demonstrates that the company takes customer feedback seriously and is proactive in addressing any problems that may arise. [1]

On the other hand, a lack of response or an unsatisfactory resolution could signify potential red flags and indicate a lack of customer service and attention to detail. Therefore, closely monitoring negative reviews and evaluating the company’s response can help you make informed decisions and choose a reliable and reputable moving company that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Negative Reviews May Not Reflect the Overall Service Offered

How to Know if a Moving Company is Fraudulent From the Online Reviews

When evaluating online reviews of moving companies, there are several key indicators that can help identify if a company is potentially fraudulent.

Pay attention to an overwhelming number of negative reviews that consistently mention issues such as hidden fees, damaged or missing items, poor communication, or late deliveries. 

These patterns of complaints can be strong indications of unethical practices.

Furthermore, if you come across numerous reviews stating that the company has changed its name or operates under multiple aliases, it is a red flag indicating potential fraudulent activity.

How to Recognize a Fake Review

Online reviews can be extremely helpful in determining the reliability of a moving company, but they can also be manipulated for deceptive purposes. Here are some key factors to consider when trying to recognize a fake moving company review.

It is important to be skeptical of overly positive or negative reviews. Genuine customers tend to provide a balanced view of their experiences, highlighting both the positives and negatives. If a review solely focuses on either extreme, it may be a sign of manipulation.

Pay attention to the language and writing style of the review. Authentic reviews are typically well-written and contain specific details about the moving process, such as the names of the movers or specific services provided. On the other hand, fake reviews may have generic language, poor grammar, or a lack of specific information.

Check the reviewer’s profile and activity. Legitimate reviewers often have a history of leaving reviews across different platforms or industries. If a reviewer has only left a single review or appears to have a newly created account, it raises suspicions.

Take the time to read multiple reviews to get a comprehensive understanding of the moving company’s reputation. If there is a consistent pattern of praise or criticism across various reviews, it is more likely to be accurate feedback. If the reviews are inconsistent or contradict each other, it could be a sign of manipulation.

It is also worth verifying the authenticity of the reviewer by conducting a quick internet search for their name or username. If the reviewer’s information matches across multiple platforms, it lends credibility to their review.

Consider the overall rating and consensus of the moving company’s reviews. If the majority of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive or negative, it may indicate genuine customer experiences.

However, if the ratings are extreme on both ends of the spectrum or if there are suspiciously high ratings without sufficient accompanying reviews, it is advisable to proceed with caution.

By considering factors such as the balance of the review, the language used, reviewer activity, consistency, verification, and overall consensus, one can better assess the authenticity of moving company reviews and make an informed decision when selecting a reputable moving company.

How to Recognize a Fake Review


[1] How to Identify and Avoid Moving Company Scams (2023). (2023, March 30). Architectural Digest.


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