What to Know Before Moving Across the Country

Have You Ever Dreamt of Starting a New Life in A New City?

Perhaps you are still looking for a new home with the help of a real estate agent, or maybe you have already found the place for you. Moving across the country is an exciting adventure that can open up many opportunities and experiences. But it’s not as simple as packing your bags and hitting the road.

Every long-distance move requires planning, preparation, and attention to detail. So if you’re thinking of making a move across the country, this article is for you!

Have you ever dreamt of starting a new life in a new city?

Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

Preparing for a long-distance move can be a stressful process, but with the right information and resources in hand, you can make sure everything goes smoothly.

Before beginning your move, it’s important to get all of your medical records in order and transfer them to a new provider at your destination.

Consider researching the best time of year to relocate so that you can take advantage of any seasonal discounts or promotions that may be available.

Create an inventory list of all of your furniture and household items as well as any expensive items like electronics or jewelry to ensure that nothing gets lost or damaged during the move.

Hiring professional movers is often the easiest way to make a long-distance move. Look for a full-service moving company that can handle packing, loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings. Make sure to do research and get an accurate quote from any company you’re considering so that you don’t get hit with additional charges later on. 

With these tips in mind, preparing for a long-distance move doesn’t have to be overwhelming, just take it one step at a time!

Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

Making a Checklist

When moving across the country, there are many tasks to complete, and it can be overwhelming to keep track of them all. To help you stay organized and ensure that nothing important is overlooked, here is a checklist that may be helpful to follow:

By following this checklist, you can ensure that you are well-prepared for your cross-country move and that your transition to your new home is as seamless as possible.

Making a Checklist

Planning Your Move Timeline

Planning ahead for your cross-country move is essential to ensure a smooth transition. To get started, you should create a timeline that outlines all the necessary steps involved in your move.

Determine when you want to leave your current home and arrive at your destination. This will give you an idea of how long it will take and help determine the perfect time for departure.

Consider what items you’ll be taking with you on the move and make sure that they are properly packed and protected from damage. If necessary, purchase packing supplies such as:

Planning Your Move Timeline​

You should also make arrangements for any heavy or expensive items to ensure their safe delivery to your new home. It’s also important to notify all relevant parties about your move ahead of time including:

Deciding on the Perfect Time to Move

Deciding on the perfect time to move can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to relocating across the country. There are many factors to consider including:

To help you determine the ideal time for your move, here are a few tips.

Look for a time frame that allows you enough time to properly pack up all your belongings and have them shipped safely without having to rush or cut corners. Make sure that you factor in enough time for any unexpected delays or obstacles that may arise along the way.

If you’re moving with children or pets then try to choose a period of time where they will not be too affected by the change in routine.

Take into account seasonal weather patterns and plan accordingly as this could potentially impact your move date if there are extreme storms or extremely high temperatures during certain months.

By carefully considering all these factors and planning ahead of time, you’ll be able to decide on the perfect timeline for your cross-country move!

Make sure you know exactly what additional costs may be involved if you need more time to complete your move and factor this into your budget.

By allowing extra time for unexpected delays and ensuring you are prepared for anything, you can make sure that your cross-country move goes off without a hitch!

Packing for the Move

Packing for the move can be a daunting task, but taking the time to properly plan and organize it can help make the process much smoother. When packing for your long-distance move, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

When deciding what to pack, consider only the items that are absolutely necessary. This will help to minimize unnecessary costs associated with moving heavy or bulky items. Make sure all expensive items such as jewelry and electronics are securely wrapped and labeled accordingly.

When packing furniture, take apart any pieces that can be disassembled and wrap each individual piece in bubble wrap or other protective materials. Heavy items such as appliances should also be properly labeled and packed securely so they don’t become damaged during transport.

Make sure to clear out any unwanted household items prior to the move so that you don’t have to pay additional charges for their transportation cost.

Once everything is packed, make sure you get an accurate quote from a full-service moving company before committing to them for your cross-country relocation needs. This way you know exactly how much it will cost upfront and can factor this into your overall budget when preparing for your move.

Packing For the Move

Furniture-Keep or Sell?

When making a cross-country move, it’s important to identify which pieces of furniture you’d like to bring with you and which should be sold. Depending on the size of your move, it may not be feasible or cost-effective to transport all of your furniture across the country.

To get started, create an inventory list of all the furniture in your home that you would like to take along with you. This will give you an idea of what needs to be packed and transported.

Evaluate each piece and decide if it is worth taking with you or if it might be better off selling it before your move. Consider things such as the cost of moving the item versus:

Consider whether or not there are similar items available in your new destination that could potentially replace any items being left behind if you prefer to donate, choose a service like Pick Up Please (Vietnam Veterans of America), Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, or Goodwill. They will all pick up your items for free. 

When deciding what pieces to take along and what should be sold, make sure to factor in any extra time needed for packing those items for transport or for finding a buyer for items being sold prior to the move.

Categorizing Household Items

When it comes to packing for a cross-country move, one of the most important steps is categorizing household items into boxes and containers.

This will help ensure that your belongings are safely transported and arrive in their original condition. Start by sorting all of your items into categories such as:

Categorizing Household Items

It’s important to group similar items together as this will make them easier to unpack once they reach their destination.

Create a system of labeling each box or container with the type of item inside and its corresponding room or area in the house.

Make sure to clearly label each box with the contents and which room it belongs in so you can easily find what you need when unpacking at your new home. Also, consider adding a list of contents on the outside of each box for easy reference.

Before loading up any boxes or containers onto a truck or trailer for transport, make sure to double-check for any heavy items that could cause injury if dropped or any expensive items that require special care during transit. Taking these extra precautions will help ensure that your precious belongings arrive safe and sound at their new home.

Securing Important Documents

When it comes to moving across the country, it is essential that you take the proper precautions to secure important documents and records before you leave. This includes items such as:

Make sure to contact your current bank and establish a new account at a branch in your destination city so that you can transfer funds easily for bills and expenses.

It is also important to make sure that all of your important documents are packed securely in a waterproof container or envelope.

You will also want to inform any government agencies such as the IRS or Social Security Administration of your move so they have an accurate address on file. It may also be beneficial to obtain extra copies of passports or other documentation in case they get lost in transit.

Making Arrangements for Children and Pets

When moving across the country, it is essential to make arrangements for all family members, including children and pets.  It is important to minimize disruptions in your children’s routines by allowing them time to say goodbye to friends and adjust to the new environment before leaving.

If you have pets, make sure that they are up-to-date on vaccinations and that you have copies of their medical records with you during travel.

A good option is to look into pet-friendly accommodations in your destination city as most hotels and motels now offer pet-friendly rooms.

Making Arrangements for Children and Pets​

Planning for Transporting Extra Vehicles

If you are moving across the country and you have an extra vehicle that needs to be transported, there are a few options available to you. The best option for you will depend on your budget, timeline, and preference.

One option is to hire a professional auto transport company. These companies specialize in transporting vehicles across the country and offer a range of services, including door-to-door transportation, open or enclosed trailers, and expedited or non-expedited transport. They can also provide additional insurance coverage for your peace of mind.

Another option is to tow the vehicle yourself using a trailer. You can rent a trailer from a local truck rental company or purchase one outright. This option is more cost-effective but requires you to have a vehicle capable of towing the weight of your extra vehicle and may also require a special license.

You could consider selling the extra vehicle and purchasing a new one once you arrive at your destination. This option eliminates the need for vehicle transport altogether but may not be feasible if you have a sentimental attachment to the vehicle or if it has significant value.

Hiring a Moving Company

Moving across the country can be a challenging task, but with a reliable moving company like Matt’s Moving, you can rest assured that you will receive top-quality service and support throughout the entire process.

With their years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, they can handle everything from packing and loading to transportation and unloading, making your move as stress-free as possible.

So, if you’re planning a cross-country move, consider partnering with Matt’s Moving to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. Call today to reserve a spot at (612) 216-2665.

Hiring a Moving Company


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