Why Hiring Cheap Movers is Bad

Everyone is looking for a deal, a way to save a buck and that is especially true with our rising inflation. So it’s only natural when looking for moving company in the Minneapolis / St. Paul or the Twin Cities metro area that you may want to look for cheap movers to get the job done. But, a huge word of caution, these can easily end up becoming nightmares.

Finding movers on Craigslist, or Facebook, is not the way to get a quality mover. It’s full of scams as there is little control over an environment like that. Even the, “I know a guy”, when you ask for moving recommendations on a social network or bulletin board can lead to issues.

What Should You Look for in a Moving Company?

First, if the mover shows up in a rental truck. You should question why? You should also ask to see they are licensed, bonded, and insured. If they have are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and what there US DOT and HHG/MN DOT numbers are. If they do not have the above, it is safe to say they could be scammers, they are not professional movers.

The Cost of Hiring Cheap Movers

Hidden Costs – They give you a low-cost quote, then bait-and-switch to a higher price because they already have all of your property in their truck and will not unload until you pay it. This is a scam that has plagued the country for decades.

Damage Liability – There are also other factors that might have led to you receiving a cheap quote. Unexperienced movers. They may not have the expertise to handle your belongings, which need specific types of treatment in order to arrive intact.

Moving your belongings exposes them to the same hazards as if you were renting a storage container, including dents and scratches. Furthermore, this may result in scuffs, scrapes, damage to the building you’re moving from, and potential breakage at your new house.

Inexperience may also imply that low-cost movers don’t have the appropriate security safeguards in place, leaving your belongings vulnerable to theft while they are being transferred or during transit.


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